Sony Launches Bravia 2018 OLED TV Series in the Philippines

Sony Philippines has just launched the 2018 OLED and LED 4K HDR TV series in the Philippines which are more immersive, engaging, and has...

Samsung Launches Fl!p Display for Offices and Businesses

Samsung has recently launched the Samsung Fl!p, their newest products that are aimed at commercial, enterprise, and academics. The Samsung Fl!p helps businesses and...

Why I love the Roku Powered TVolution Box

I've been using the Roku Powered TVolution Box for a while now and there are so many things to love about it. In case...

Apple TV 4k Unveiled: A10X Processor and support for 4K HDR

Apple has just unveiled the Apple TV 4K and duh, it now supports 4K. Not just that, the new Apple TV also supports 4K...

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