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One of the local brands that still brings Windows devices to the country is Cherry Mobile and in case you’re following the brand, they have a new tablet that is powered by Windows 10 Mobile and it’s the Cherry mobile alpha Prime 7. So what do I think about the tablet? Check out our review below


A handy tablet

It’s a handy tablet despite having a 7-inch display thanks to its narrow design although it is still not comfortable to use in one hand but again, it is still comfortable compared to other tablets at its size thanks to its slanted sides. The back also got a metal build which adds to the solid feel of the tablet, however, when you tap it, you would easily feel the hollow feeling of the tablet.


At the metal back of the tablet is where you can also find the speaker which doesn’t perform with the performance that I expect. You can also see the Windows Phone and the Cherry Mobile logo. And no, the back isn’t removable and you have to rely on the flaps at the top in where you could place your MicroSD card and the sim card.



The MicroUSB port and the 3.5mm audio jack are also placed at the top of the tablet. While the buttons are placed on the sides. And since this tablet also acts as a phone and actually, it is running on a smartphone OS, this one has a speaker earpiece in the front. The front is quite clean as this one doesn’t feature any capacitive buttons on the front.


It’s not an HD display

Look, this is an affordable phablet and you should also take note that this one packs a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1024×600. Actually, it’s not the best display that you can see and since we’re getting on-screen buttons with a smaller resolution, the navigational buttons are also located below the screen which takes a large space from the display of the tablet.


It’s Windows 10 mobile not Windows 10

Ok, so here’s the probably the reason why you’re buying this tablet. First, this is a Windows 10 tablet with phone functionalities however, you should also take note that this phablet is running on Windows 10 Mobile because of its ARM processor. Yes, this one can’t run the Windows games such as DOTA 2, Steam, and other Windows applications. You could only rely on the Windows App Store which only has a few apps and games in store for you.


As expected, this tablet would come with just a Snapdragon 210 processor, it’s faster than the Snapdragon 200 and actually, navigating on this tablet is smooth and without problems despite using this processor and only a 1GB of RAM. Playing games would be only for casuals and light games, however, heavy games would not be feasible for this one. Also, browsing the web using Microsoft edge would be a good use for this tablet.



Ok, so this tablet got a 5-megapixel rear camera and I won’t really expect from this one since the Alpha Prime 7 is a Windows tablet. Taking photos on this one is actually just fine for its price. Not the best one that you can see but this one got some features including HDR and manual controls.




Ok, there are a lot of choices for a tablet or a smartphone with a more affordable price and a more capable software and hardware. So who is this phablet for? Well, if you’re looking for a Windows 10 Mobile tablet that you want to try and test out then you might want to take a look at this. This one is really affordable but remember that this one only runs apps and games available on the Windows App Store.


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