One of my personal favorites in the PSX is Final Fantasy IX and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4! The game was released more than a decade ago for Sony’s Playstation Console and it was a hit as 5 million copies of this game were sold. The game has also been rereleased recently on the App Store and Play Store and it has some new features including autosaving, high-speed mode, no encounter mode, master all abilities booster, and also maximize character levels, magic stone counts, and gil.

The game is now available on PSN and since we’re getting it on the Playstation 4, we can expect a better graphics and also high-definition movies, and also the features that we first saw on iOS and Android.

Final Fantasy IX is now available on PSN for USD$16.79 for a limited time until September 26 and then it will be priced at USD$20.99.


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