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One of the highlights when going to the Tokyo Game Show 2018 are the booths and the highlights of their games but one booth really stood out for me and it was Google Play. Why Google Play? Well, it is the first time that Google made a booth that large at Tokyo Game Show and also because they created a really cool game for the attendees.

Basically, there are a lot of mini booths scattered around the show floor of the Tokyo Game Show 2018 and then there’s a QR code that you need to scan and it corresponds to a certain points and if you scan enough QR codes that you’ll have 100 points, you can exchange it for a chance to check out their gachapon. Gachapon is a vending machine that houses capsules with prizes on them. The cool part is that is it’s free!

So the question still remains. Why is Google Play a big deal at Tokyo Game Show 2018? Basically, it means that Google is all out for their gaming platform and they’re really serious with their offering of games for the Asian market.

Actually, I’m excited about the future of gaming on Android. Hopefully, we can get more AAA games that doesn’t requires us to have an in-app purchase to take advantage of other players.

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