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Huawei has a lot of smartphones in the Y series segments and one of them is the gigantic Huawei Y Max that features a large 7.12-inch display. I know, it’s really gigantic and having a more than 7-inch display means that you’re having a display that is the size of a tablet. But of course, the large display isn’t just its main feature as the smartphone also got an SD660 chipset and a dual rear camera with AI.

Huawei Y Max Review: Design and hardware

The Huawei Y Max opted to have a design going back to four years ago similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as we have a faux leather back. It’s not leather and it doesn’t feel like one but it’s something that is really pretty to the eyes especially this year in where we mostly see smartphones that are using gradient colors at the back with polycarbonate material.

The Huawei Y Max is big and gigantic and you would immediately feel that you would have a hard time holding this smartphone and yes, the Huawei Y Max does feel awkward to hold with one hand of an average person. It’s hard to hold that’s why I recommend using the jelly case which is included in the box.

The sides of the smartphone are plastic and despite its size, the smartphone’s weight feels just right for its size so I really don’t have any problems with its weight and besides, I’m always holding the smartphone with my two hands because the Huawei Y Max does really feel like a titan.

Unfortunately, the Huawei Y Max is still utilizing a micro USB port for this one and then there’s the headphone jack and also the speaker grill below while the volume rocker and the power button of the smartphone can be found at the upper right part of the smartphone and the buttons and the fingerprint scanner of the smartphone is accessible depending on how you hold the smartphone.

The fingerprint scanner of the smartphone is placed at the back and again, it’s accessible depending on how big your hand is but for me, it wasn’t really a problem but don’t worry because the smartphone does come with face unlock and it was as fast as I expect it to be.

Huawei Y Max Review: Display

One thing is for sure, the Huawei Y Max’s display is massive and it’s really immersive if you’re planning on watching Netflix on this one or any videos, I think this is perfect for you. There’s a 7.12-inch Full HD+ display on this one and yes, the display was just fine and there’s a small notch on this one and a chin with the Huawei logo below. Not really a dealbreaker for me.

Watching on the Huawei Y Max is definitely a breeze especially if you like watching movies on big screens. The screen is also perfect for gaming as you can have a bigger and wider view of the game that you’re playing.

Battery life

The Huawei Y Max comes with large battery life too and it comes with 5000mAh battery. Since we’re getting a large 7.12-inch display over here, I already expected that this one would have a more than 4000mAh battery. In my usage, the Huawei Y Max does last really long and in PC Mark, we weren’t able to finish the tests but the logs show us that the smartphone can last up to 11 hours and 53 minutes which is really great.

Huawei Y Max Review: OS and software

The Huawei Y Max doesn’t sport the latest EMUI but the Huawei Y Max is still capable and still as good when it comes to speed and fluidity in its software. Since we’re getting a large display over here, I recommend adjusting the display settings so you can, even more, maximize the display of the smartphone. With these adjustments, the smartphone actually feels more like a tablet rather than a phone. Too bad though, there’s no EMUI desktop on this device. It would be cool if I have that UI on this large display of the smartphone.

Huawei Y Max Review: Gaming & performance

When it comes to performance, it’s actually surprising that Huawei has used a Snapdragon 660 inside for this smartphone. It’s powerful enough to run most games and it is almost on par with Kirin 710 which is used by a lot of mid-range Huawei smartphones. In our previous tests of both processors, while the Kirin 710 got a higher score in Antutu, the Snapdragon 660 always wins in the GPU scores which is Why the smartphone can get better gaming experience. Check out the benchmark scores that we got using different applications.


In gaming, the Huawei Y Max doesn’t disappoint. While the smartphone might not be able to have the best experience in the highest settings, the Huawei Y Max’s Snapdragon 660 did its job well as a midrange smartphone. We tried different games on the smartphone like PUBG Mobile and NBA 2k19. Check out the Gamebench scores that we got below:


We played PUBG Mobile at HD settings with high framerates while NBA is played at Medium settings.

You can check out the GameBench Benchmarking app at (

You can also download the app at the Play Store (

Huawei Y Max Review: Camera

The smartphone might be big in display but when it comes to camera, the Huawei Y Max fell short. The smartphone features am 8MP f2.0 front camera and also a 16MP f2.0 + 2MP f2.4 camera and unfortunately, most of the shots that I took were a disappoint especially at lowlight. Check out the shots that I took using the Huawei Y Max:


Most of the shots that I took were overexposed and sometimes, it doesn’t get the right hues and colors on the smartphones. Even for the selfies, it wasn’t that really sharp and it doesn’t get the right skin tones.

Huawei Y Max Review: Verdict

The Huawei Y Max is a smartphone made for media consumption. If you love watching movies and videos then this one might be the right choice for you. There’s good battery life to so you’ll be sure that the smartphone can last really long if you’re binge-watching on Netflix. The Huawei Y Max performs just right for a mid-range smartphone thanks to the Snapdragon 660 inside it.

However, the camera of the smartphone is utterly disappointing whether you use it on low light or not. Again, the Huawei Y Max is for the people who are into watching videos and who wants to have a smartphone with a really big display but if you’re into the camera then better stay away with this one.


  1. Yeah the camera on this is not really impressive, which is surprising since huawei has been releasing phones with good cameras.


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