Smart prepaid and postpaid users will be surely happy with this news. PLDT Wireless unit Smart Communications Inc. has the fastest LTE network in the country according to March 2018 report of OpenSignal. The company has cited that Smart has the best 4G LTE Download Speed, Best 4G Latency performance and best 3G Latency performance.

The report covers the months of November 2017 up to January 2018 and Smart has outpaced the competition with a download speed of 12.5MBps compared to its rival which only has 7.69MBps.

The OpenSignal report has also measured areas like in NCR in where Smart got 13.04MBps vs. competition’s 8.57 MBps, North Central Luzon also got 11.59 MBps for Smart vs 6.34 MBps, South Luzon got 11.66 MBps for Smart vs. 7.03 MBps for Globe and Mindanao with 14.42 MBps vs. 7.38MBps of the competition.

So if you live in those areas, I highly suggest that you switch to Smart now to get better LTE speeds.


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