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5G is one of the technology that we are all waiting for as this technology will open a lot of avenues and also a lot of futures with regards to technology and OPPO is also already getting ready for this tech as the company has unveiled their latest smartphone prototype to sport 5G — the OPPO Find X 5G.

The OPPO Find X 5G prototype was unveiled at the 2018 China Mobile Global Partners Conference with the Snapdragon 855 inside and also the X50 5G modem inside with 5G performance. During the event, OPPO, Qualcomm, and Keysight technologies Inc., a world-learding electronic measurement company, demonstrated the 5G data connectivity and applications including browsing, online video repla,ce and video call using the Find X 5G prototype.

OPPO has also introduced the concept of “5G+” in where there will be an era where everything is connected and ‘experience is king’. It is also where the smartphone will be the core of a wide range of smar devices which will be connected using the 5G network. In this exosystem, OPPO will continue to deepen the collaboration with different manufacturers and companies to bring a better and new ecosystem and 5G to the industry.


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