Every CES, Razer is unveiling their cool concepts. While not all of them are not gonna get released on the market, they’re still pretty cool products and prototypes and this CES, Razer has unveiled the Project Linda. It’s a 13.3-inch notebook that is powered by Razer Phone. Of course, the laptop will be running on Android as the Razer Phone is still the heart of the device.

The Razer Phone is powered Snapdragon 835 Chipset along with 8GB of RAM which makes the smartphone powerful enough to be docked and have its own UI on a laptop dock. Not only that, the Razer Phone is actually a powerful smartphone for gaming that lets you run demanding games on Android.

The Project Linda Notebook has a full-size keyboard and it lets you do more productivity and gaming as this one has a large screen, USB ports, and a full-size keyboard. Not only that, the display of the Project Linda notebook is also at 120Hz so you can also experience the smooth gaming on the Project Linda.

The Project Linda Notebook also offers a Chroma keyboard, 53.6 Wh battery that can charge your smartphone three times over, USB Type-C Charging Port, USB-A port, 720p webcam, audio jack, dual-array microphone, and also a 200GB of storage for your media files.

Again, the Project Linda is still in prototype and there are no words regarding price and availability.



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