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It’s the 10th year of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung has given us their best in their 10th generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphone and this year, it comes in three variants and we get to review the best of the three today — the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Best build on an Android smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 have the best build that I’ve seen on an Android smartphone. The smartphone is made of glass and a very solid metal frame. Despite the great materials used, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ doesn’t have the best ergonomics but the curves at the back do help with the grip of the smartphone but I will suggest that you get a case for your smartphone just in case.

One of the things that we love on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is that the smartphone doesn’t lack a headphone jack. This is one of the few smartphones that still support this and I’m really glad about that as I don’t want to compromise on my smartphone when playing games. So yeah, you have a USB-C port and also a headphone jack. And if you want to charge in other ways, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ also comes with Wireless Charging.

Oh and no, this isn’t any ordinary wireless charging because there’s a feature on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ too called Wireless PowerShare which lets you charge other devices and accessories by just placing it against the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Well, it’s not as fast as you think but you can definitely save some friends or someone who just ran out of battery and if you’re like me, you’ll probably charge your accessories like the Galaxy Buds on the smartphone instead of charging using the USB-C cable.

One of the new things about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Basically, it’s an in-display fingerprint scanner which is a first in the Samsung Galaxy family. It’s no ordinary on screen fingerprint scanner as this one is the fastest one that I’ve tried on an in-display fingerprint scanner and even with a fast and light touch on the display, it can actually detect and scan your fingerprint immediately.

Another feature that I love on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is its speaker. It’s surprisingly powerful and clear. In games like PUBG Mobile, I didn’t even bother using my headphones anymore because it was loud and I clearly hear where the footsteps of my enemies. A really big advantage compared to enemies in the game.

Just like the other Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ still have the Bixby button on the side. It might be annoying but you can remap the button if you want to open another app. Unfortunately, you can’t change to Google Assistant.

Best display on a smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has the best display in the market. There, I said it. It packs an Infinity-O display and with the Galaxy S10+, you get an oval hole at the upper right of the smartphone due to the dual lens front camera on the front is where one of it is a depth sensor. It’s still a curved display and sometimes, I can accidentally press the sides of the smartphone so I always use my case with me.

Again, it’s the best display that Samsung has to offer and we can get the best colors that we can get on the smartphone and of course, the smartphone is bright AF even at direct sunlight. Everything was great on the smartphone and since we got an AMOLED display here, I prefer using the night mode to have dark menus and dark wallpaper.

The cool thing about the Infinity-O display is that you can use wallpapers that can hide or even match the punch hole display which is really cool. Nonetheless, the punch hole on the display doesn’t really block too much of my notifications and even in games. Actually, I don’t even notice the punch hole in the display that much.

Good battery life 

One of the things that Samsung has considered in their smartphone business is having a great battery life on their smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ didn’t fail to impress us thanks to its 4100mAh battery inside it. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ managed to get a score of 9 hours and 53 minutes in PC Mark which is better than we expected on a flagship smartphone from Samsung.

OneUI is better than ever

Whatever you say about the One UI of Samsung, personally, I love it. Well, it’s different from the previous generation but everything on the UI is clean, smooth, and it’s lag free despite storing a lot of media files on the smartphone. Another big thing that I love about it is the support for the night mode in where the smartphone will sport a darker theme which is easy on the eyes especially at night.

But of course, there are many things to love on the One UI aside night mode. The settings are easier to use and navigating on the smartphone is really eye candy and of course, there are minor features that you’ll love including multi-window and also a pop-up view which lets you move it anywhere and also adjust its transparency.

And since you’re buying a Galaxy device, expect that the Samsung Ecosystem better than others as Samsung has a more established line of accessories such as the Galaxy Earbuds and the Galaxy Watch Active. Those are just some of the things that I love on the Samsung Galaxy S10+’s One UI and once you use the smartphone, you’ll definitely feel it that it’s fast and user-friendly.

Most powerful Samsung Galaxy ever

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ packs an Exynos 9820 for the Philippine variant and yes, it didn’t disappoint as I can get decent scores at the benchmarks and since we have the 128GB variant, we have an 8GB storage, unlike the 1TB variant that comes with a ceramic build and also a 12GB of RAM.

The performance? It’s really great. I can’t say that it’s the most powerful as I haven’t tried Snapdragon 855 but I’m pretty sure that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ can run everything that you in the smartphone. When it comes to benchmarks, I got these scores.

Compared to all the smartphones that we’ve reviewed before, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ got the big advantage compared to Snapdragon 845, Kirin 980, and even the Exynos 9810 chipset which is used by the Samsung Galaxy Note9. The Exynos 9820’s biggest advantage compared to the two smartphones is that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a higher score in terms of GPU.

And yes, speaking of gaming, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ managed to get a high FPS on the following games however, I noticed that the FPS stability wasn’t that great which means that developers still haven’t adapted to the chipset yet.

Despite that, we still got amazing and playable FPS at different games including Talion which is one of the most demanding games on a smartphone today. Also, AxE was able to run smoothly at 30fps despite the heavy graphics and Fortnite was able to run at 60fps smoothly which means that the games and applications still haven’t adapted to the powerful Exynos 9820 chipset.

You can check out the GameBench Benchmarking app at (

You can also download the app at the Play Store (


One of the things that Samsung has upgraded in their Galaxy S10+ is the triple lens camera. Yep, we got triple lens camera on the smartphone now and we’re really happy with what we’re getting on the smartphone. This time, Samsung has opted for an ultra wide-angle lens similar to how they implemented the camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). And of course, there’s the third lens which is a telephoto lens so you can do better zooming on the smartphone.

Zooming on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ was really great

We went around California and damn, I can already tell you that the shots that we took using the smartphone were pretty good and even when I used the ultra wide-angle lens of the smartphone, I’m still amazed at the shots that I took. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ might not have the handheld night shots but the dual-aperture of the smartphone makes the smartphone works well in the day or night. Check out the shots using the rear camera of the smartphone.

Base on the shots that you can see above, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ got the highest score in DxOmark and it definitely proved that the smartphone deserves that spot. And oh, recording a video on the smartphone was also superb. Why? Because the smartphone got really good stabilization and the 4K@60 is really damn nice. Here are some shots using the front camera of the smartphone.

Another thing to love about the camera of the smartphone is its selfie camera. Yep, the dual lens front camera of the smartphone is really great. The details and the colors were actually on point on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and yes, the portrait mode on the front facing camera has definitely improved.

The AR emoji on the smartphone is different from the previous generation too as this one looks a lot better than the previous one and it even supports a full body mini motion that mimics what you do and also a mask that covers your face when you’re taking a selfie


The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best Android smartphone that you can get in the market right now. It has powerful performance, a really solid and premium design, a long battery life, the best display on a smartphone,  a top-notch camera, and most importantly, a headphone jack.

The ecosystem and the software of Samsung is something that you should take a look at too as this one is user-friendly and the accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series are just wide like the Galaxy Watch Active and also the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The smartphone ticks all the boxes that you need on a smartphone? So what is that the thing that I think that needs to be improved on the smartphone? Well, just the camera. Just add night mode then that’s it.


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