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Samsung continues the PASS10N Lab, a series of workshops produced to let the current generation trailblazers find their tribe, whether it’s in entrepreneurship, photography, videography, fitness, or gaming. Members of the Samsung Members app, get to enjoy talks and activities headed by leaders of different passion points.

The 5th leg of PASS10N Lab was led by the radio DJ and gamer enthusiast Gino Quillamor joined by the mobile gamers for a friendly tournament using the Samsung Galaxy S10. Gino is a self-confessed geek whose first-played game involves simply jumping over obstacles, then graduated to full-blown roleplaying games (RPGs) especially on mobile.

“On mobile, the smartphone can make or break the gaming experience,” says Quillamor. “Many of the good titles have heavy graphics so you need a high-powered device to fully enjoy it. The Galaxy S10 lets me be part of the match without any lags.”

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a smartphone designed for gamers. Its 8nm mobile chipset boosts CPU and GPU performance which enabled Quillamor to play multiple games at once without the device slowing down. It optimizes battery, CPU, RAM, and even device temperature so he could ace multiple facets in his life.

“The Galaxy S10 allows me to not just play the game but be in it,” shares Quillamor. “The combination of visuals and the borderless display makes every performance feels like an adventure I truly am a part of.”


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