Emil Chronicle Online ,a cell shaded game, often called as ECO, is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game. I’ve been playing ECO China for 2 days and I have fun playing it. But the problem is I cannot understand other people because they are chinese and the main language of the game is not english. More Information after the jump

Emil Chronicle Online (ECO) takes place in the world of Acronia where they are 3 races. The 3 races are Emil(Human) they have a high VIT, Titania (Angels)They have a high MAG and Dominion(Demons.) they have a high STR.

Marionette System, This allow us to morph our character to Marionette.

I love the graphics, It is like a blending of FLYFF & Ragnarok Online. The Enviroment of the game looks like FLYFF and the gameplay is like RO. The thing that makes the game cute is because of the cell shading. It has also a low minimum requirement.

Enough with the introduction to the game. I know some people will ask me about this things:

Are you playing a private server?: No, I’m Playing at China Server


What is the minimum requirement of the game?:

Intel Pentium III 1 GHz equiv. CPU, 256MB RAM, Internet access, DirectX 8.1, 32MB graphics card, sound card, 2GB+ hard drive space

Does this game work on vista?:
AFAIK, Yes. But I have Graphic problems with my laptop so I cannot play at my laptop

I’m still a Noob to the game, So I need to familiarize much more things In-game. I am also having a hard time playing it because the language is not english but Chinese.


  1. Hey. i can’t see the instructions with the link you gave it keeps saying that the link is broken even though i’m a registered user. any help? i really wanna play ECO.

  2. Oh, Sorry about that. hmmm. I’ve search the whole HOL forums. I’m sorry, cannot find the link T_T . Maybe they delete it. or try to search the forum again. baka andun pa yun 🙂


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