Looks like the Huawei ban is bigger than we thought. This morning, news has broken out that Google is suspending the Google services to Huawei smartphones and we thought that it’s the worst already for Huawei. Well, we’re wrong because Intel and Qualcomm have also joined the ban initiated by US President Donald J. Trump.

If you’re worried about your current Huawei device, well, you don’t really have to sell it because it will not stop working. Here are some fast facts regarding the companies banning Huawei.

  • Your Huawei smartphone will still work and it will still have Google services (Play Store, Gmail, etc.)
  • Qualcomm-powered smartphones will still work
  • Intel-powered Huawei Matebook will still work
  • Future updates on Huawei devices remains in question
  • Huawei will now only rely on Android Open Source Project which means that Android updates will be slowed down
  • Intel is providing chips for the Matebooks and they have frozen their supply deals with Huawei until further notice
  • Kirin processors aren’t affected but the future of Qualcomm processors on Huawei smartphones is in question.
  • Huawei has been developing an alternative OS to Android and Windows for a while now.

The fight of Huawei against the US government is getting really nasty and this will surely affect the future lineup of Huawei smartphones and other devices. Now, I hope the company and the US government can do something about this.

The story is still developing

Source: Reuters, Verge (1), (2)


  1. This will slowly kill them, eventually. Not right now, but in the long run. They may have developed an alternative to android, but that can only have a limited success (like in china). That’s what they get for stealing a lot of american tech.


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