Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are my main browsers, But now I think I have to change my mind because when I tried Safari 4, I think it is the best browser I’ve ever seen. And take note, Safari 4 is still in Beta.

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I love Safari 4 Beta, Why do I love it?, Well it has a lot of features now and It is the world’s fastest internet browser.

1. I love the TOP SITES. If you see the picture at the top of this post, you will wonder what it is, That thing is the top sites just like Google Chrome, you will see the top sites that you always visit but in Safari you can pin them so that you can easily visit your favorite sites after you open Safari 4.

2. I love the COVER FLOW. The screenshot is also on the top of this post.If you have iTunes in your computer then you must probably know this. Cover flow allows you to flip the pages that you visited. You may only use Cover flow in History & Bookmarks.
3. I love the WINDOWS’ LOOKS. If you are a windows user and don’t like the skin of Safari 3 then you should probably upgrade to Safari 4 because your title bar, borders & toolbars will be native to your Windows XP or Vista. And in Safari 4 you can use Windows Standard fonts instead of the fonts which are use in Safari 3.
All in all, I must say that SAFARI 4 is a must have browser.
If you want to know more about Safari 4’s Features visit this link
If you want to download Safari 4 visit this link


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