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PS2 Emulator arrives for Android!

Most people who love to play retro go for Android because not only there are some games that are ported for smartphone from the old consoles but it is also easier to play emulators on Android compared to other mobile operating systems. Today, there are a lot of emulators and apps available in this operating system like NES, GBA, PSX, & PSP emulators and today, A PS2 emulator has arrived for Android.

No kidding, it’s a real PS2 emulator for Android devices. The PS2 Emulator for Android is called Play! and it is still in development so don’t expect a full playable experience on this app. The emulator is still buggy and you can still see in the video that there are still a lot things to be fix on this emulator but hey! It’s a nice start to have a running PS2 Emulator for Android.


If you want to try out their app, head over to their Google+ community and sign up as beta tester

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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