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Zhu Xian Online new website

December 23, 2008
Today is the end of Close beta testing of e-games’ zhu xian online or celestial destroyer online. In the picture is the new

SONY: Will change the way you look at laptops

December 22, 2008
Change the way eh?. What do you think is it?. What do you think is the suprise of SONY?. I hope that we

Zhu xian online will start the OBT this month

December 21, 2008
E-games announced that zhu xian online’s Close beta will end at December 23 and the start of its open beta will be on

Are you a Mac or PC?

December 20, 2008
Mr. Bean on a Mac adAre you a PC or a mac?. I have seen many videos around youtube about this two fighting

NVIDIA’s Ion platform

Nvidia will offer a GeForce 9400m Chipset in an intel atom and that combination will be called ION platform More after the jump

Metal Slug Zero online: 2009

December 19, 2008
Metal Slug is one of the famous arcade game in the world. And now, Metal slug comes into Online. And it will be

What is the meaning of plurk?

Few months ago, I registered at PLURK. And for the past few months, I’ve been addicted to plurk. What is plurk? here it

Final Fantasy Agito XIII newest trailer

December 18, 2008
4 days ago I posted about the newest trailer of Final Fantasy versus XIII trailer And today, here’s the new trailer of Final

Download Zhu xian online philippines / Celestial Destroyer online

Zhu xian online philippines is currently on beta testing right now. I strongly suggest that you download the client using torrent. You need

God Of war III newest trailer

December 17, 2008
Kratos is back!. And it will be available on PS3!. ooohhhh can’t wait to see the gameplay