You might not be familiar with Tecno Mobile but they have been around for a while and they have different smartphones that are already available in the market including their latest one — the Tecno Mobile Camon 16. This smartphone features a quad-camera setup with a main 48MP camera, a Helio G70 Octa-Core processor inside, a large 6.8-inch dot-in display, and support for 18W Charging.


Inside the box, you can find here the manual, the phone, a jelly case, earphones, manuals, micro-usb to USB-A cable, and the charger. But despite having a smartphone that supports 18W Fast charging, the Tecno Camon 16 doesn’t come with an 18W charger. The charger that comes with it is only 10W.


The Tecno Camon 16 comes with a large body which means that the smartphone also comes big in terms of features. But first, we gotta talk about the design of the smartphone. It comes with a plastic build and for its affordable price, I wouldn’t really complain. Again, it has a large body which means that the smartphone would be harder to hold for some people but the curve on the sides does help me when I’m holding the smartphone.

As for the buttons, the power button and also the volume rocker are connected at the right side of the smartphone and it’s reachable enough for most hands but I can’t say the same for those people who have shorter fingers and smaller hands.

At the back is where you can find the camera module of the smartphone that covers a large amount of the back cover of the smartphone. Again, the back cover is made up of plastic and it doesn’t feel really that premium. But it also houses the fingerprint scanner of the smartphone and it was fast as expected but you can also opt for the face unlock if you’re not a fan of that. As for the battery, this one comes with 5000mAh battery


We also got here a large 6.8-inch display with an HD+ resolution. It also houses the front-facing camera with its punch-hole design. I was actually surprised that the smartphone does have a large display and it’s perfect for watching movies on YouTube and also on Netflix. Playing games on the smartphone is also enjoyable as we can have a larger screen estate so playing games like Mobile Legends would be more immersive and better.

As for the colors and resolution, it isn’t the best one that we’ve seen even at its price range but it does offer a large screen estate which may attract people who want to experience an immersive display.

Software and Performance

As for the software, the Tecno Camon 16 comes with HiOS launcher and boy, the UI is far from vanilla. The launcher comes with a vertical app drawer and it comes with a lot of preinstalled applications so I highly suggest that you remove the unnecessary apps that you wouldn’t use on the smartphone.

For the performance, well, we got here an exciting Helio G70 Octa-Core Processor in this smartphone and it is paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. This combination has led to a responsive and a pretty good performance for its price. So if you’re planning on playing this smartphone, do expect it to run different apps without a problem and for the games, you just have to turn down the settings in case you’re not happy with the frames. Since we got here a 128GB of internal storage, that will be more than enough for most people if you’re planning on installing a lot of games.

Check out the benchmarks that we got on the smartphone:


The main feature and probably its biggest selling point of the smartphone is the camera. First, we got here the 16MP selfie camera on the smartphone and surprisingly, it fared better than I expected. It was quite sharper than my expectations and the colors were fine.

For the rear camera of the smartphone, there’s the 48MP main camera, a macro lens, AI lens, and the bokeh DOF Camera. Unfortunately, there’s no quad-camera setup. One of the features that they’re boasting on the smartphone is the ultra night lens and the smartphone was able to do just that. Check out the shots that we took using the smartphone:

The night shots below weren’t that sharp and it’s a little soft but it was completely dark when it was shot so overall, I was still happy with it.


The Tecno Camon 16 is an interesting addition to the industry. It features an interesting quad-camera setup and then there’s the Helio G70 Octa-Core processor inside which is more than enough for most people. The display on this one is also gigantic with its 6.8-inch display but it’s only at HD+ and the build quality of the smartphone feels really plastic.


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