Good news to PayMaya users! Yes, you can now send and check the status of your PayMaya account even without downloading the PayMaya app. With the partnership of PayMaya and Facebook, not only that you can check the balance of your account on Facebook Messenger but you can also send money to your friends on Facebook and even buy a load!

PayMaya have been doing pretty good lately as they add more features and loading their card is really easy as 1-2-3. In case you don’t know what PayMaya is, this transforms your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. So basically, you just load up your PayMaya account and then you can now use it to buy items online. You can also avail of their card with EMV which you can use for purchases at stores.

This partnership with Facebook and PayMaya just made easier for PayMaya users to access their accounts. Not only that, sending money and paying bills just got a lot easier too.


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