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CHERRY ecosystem unveiled with their latest IoT products

CHERRY is expanding its product lineup with its announcement of the CHERRY ecosystem of products. With this announcement, they have also unveiled their newest logo that signifies balance, stability, strength, and unity of brands.

“Since the groundbreaking catapult of Cherry Mobile in 2009, we are happy to announce that our vision to create one ecosystem for the Filipinos is now a reality. CHERRY carries an array of brands and services under its belt: Cherry Mobile, Cherry Prepaid, Cherryroam, Cherry Home, and Cherry Pet, offering extensive variety of products in communication technology, Internet of Things (IoT) system, home, health, personal, and even pet essentials.

CHERRY will continue to offer relevant products and pursue innovation to meet the needs of its evolving market and improve their overall quality of life. The new logo and name signify the start of the company’s mission to further reach out to our market through the same value-for-money and quality innovations that we’ve been offering since then. CHERRY will be the same brand that Filipinos have loved from the beginning. The brand has evolved and remains a proudly Filipino brand, for the Filipinos,” said by Maynard S. Ngu.

The all-new logo of CHERRY has a resemblance to the Yin and Yang symbol with the colors of red, white, and gray. This signifies balance, stability, strength, and unity of their brands. But of course, they’ll still have the same value-for-money products. They’ve dropped the mobile on their logo which gives a bigger vision to serve the Filipino market with different products.

With this, CHERRY now carries different products under their belt — Cherry Mobile, Cherry Prepaid, Cherryroam, Cherry Home and Cherry Pet.

Some of the new products in their newest branding includes the Cherry Ion and Cherry Ion Lite which are both personal wearable air purifiers and of course, there are room air purifiers, UV lamps, and more.

If you want to know more about CHERRY products, you may head over to

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