Devil may cry 4, is one of the best games I played in PC. And I would like to share you some unlockables in Devil may cry 4

Unlockables after the jump

Full Ending-Protect Kyrie from being hit for more than 90 seconds.
Unlock Bloody Palace-Beat Devil Hunter Mode
Super Dante-Beat Dante Must Die mode
Super Nero-Beat Dante Must Die mode
The Two Heroes, 29 character images-Beat Human or Devil Hunter mode.
The Cast-Beat Devil Hunter mode.
The Demons, 12 publicity pictures-Beat Son of Sparda mode.
Demon Invasion-Beat Dante Must Die mode.
The Ladies of Devil May Cry-Beat Heaven or Hell mode.
Light from the Demon Blade-Beat Hell or Hell mode.
The Secret Festival of the Sword-Beat Legendary Dark Knight mode.

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