Who said that music phones are dead already? DTC Mobile GE3 will prove you that music phones aren’t dead yet. The music-centered DTC Mobile GE3 features a large speaker that is aim to have to a much better music experience than any other phones. Aside from that, the phone also has an external antenna, so that you can watch your favorite local shows. Yeah, a phone that is aiming to have a rich multimedia experience.

When I held the phone for the first time, it felt really heavy. But I knew the phone was filled with features. The whole phone was made up of plastic but it really feels solid on the hand because of its weight and construction. At the back, you’ll notice the very large speaker grill with a design somehow similar to a rim of a wheel. It doesn’t look that bad for me. The phone has 2 special buttons, a shortcut for music player and a dialer for the Sim Card #2.

The monoblock design is now only common on most featurephones since most smartphones have a touchscreen. Speaking of screens, the DTC Mobile GE3 has a 2.4” colored display, which is already enough for watching on the mobile TV app. The phone has Bluetooth that you can use for transferring files and of course, there’s the micro-USB that you can use to connect to the charger and the MicroSD card slot inside if you need to beefed up your phone with media files. The phone can only handle up to 8 GB but I guess, that’s already enough if you’re on the featurephone. The phone also has dual-sim but it doesn’t support 3G. There’s no Wi-Fi too so you’re only down with GRPS.

One of the phone’s strength is the large battery. The phone has 1500mAh of battery that can last up to a week. Awesome right? Since this phone is really made for entertainment, the speaker won’t fail you. The speaker is so loud, you can even wake your neighbor if you turn on the phone in the morning. Using this phone

One of its unique features is the Mobile TV. There’s an external antenna for that and I didn’t had any problems with signal. Of course, you could only watch local channels and not cable channels. And since the speakers are so loud, your neighbors could hear the channel that you’re watching. There’s a flashlight/torch too but it wasn’t that bright but at least there’s a torch. It is place at the top of the phone, I wished they just made the torch into a camera flash.

The DTC Mobile GE3 has a 1.3 Megapixel camera that can capture images at 1280×960 and it can record videos at 176×144.  I think that’s not really disappointing considering that the phone is just a featurephone and not a smartphone.

The phone uses a proprietary OS that is almost the same with the DTC Mobile GQ6 that we’ve reviewed a few. But this one has a cleaner look. There’s the internet browser but like what I’ve told you a while ago, you can only rely on the GPRS of the phone.

There’s also the basic apps that you need like the music player, alarm, calculator and more.  But I think the feature that the DTC Mobile GE3 can boast is the Mobile TV and the goliath loud speaker at the back. I guess the DTC Mobile GE3 is for the people who is always love to play their favorite playlists on their MicroSD card and to watch their favorite telenovelas wherever they are. The DTC Mobile GE3 is now available for P1,499. Check it out now at the nearest DTC Mobile Stores and Kiosks!

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