Tired of your good ol windows theme?. Wanted to have a Mac OS X but you want use windows applications?. Ever wanted to have a OSX theme?. Did you know that, It is possible to change the shell of your Windows XP/Vista you just need Window Blinds. Using window blinds you can change your shell style and even the colors!. Anyway, last night I modify my Windows Vista to Mac OS X Tiger. MANY Screenshots after the jump

As you can see at the top of the picture you can see a menubar that works like in Mac OS X. For you to have that toolbar you will need Object Bar. I have a hard time using this, because I always use Windows and not mac.Anyway back to the topic, If you notice in the lower part of the picture there are some Icons, that is what we call Object dock. Instead of using Icons, I use this because I have many Icons and to have my desktop a cool and neat look.

Look at the second picture. At the title bar you can see the close,minimize & maximize button at the other side unlike windows which is on the other side. In mac you can also minimize your window into title bar only, you just need to press the horizontal button on the right of the title bar and it will shrink to like that.


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