Mikey Bustos, A singer, Filipino and a youtube sensation has posted another parody video, this time it is a Lady GaGa Parody of Born of this way. This song is titled “Pinoy this way”. Mikey, you are one awesome Filipino!. Lyrics after the break

It doesn’t matter if your Pinay or if you’re P-I-N-O-Y.Just point with your lips, pare’cause we’re pinoy this way, baby.Use your eyes… If it was snake it bit you already!
My Momma scolded me when I was young, when I said I hated school. She said “You know the land where we come from, every class is always full.” Because in Philippines education is never taken for granted, no it’s not, along with food, work, and medication, we know they all come from God.
Back home, a land far away,Where we work hard every day, It makes us grateful, babyWe’re pinoy this wayWhere you will need pamaypayAs temperature rises highYou have not lived ’till you live like a pinoy this way.
Nothing ever goes to waste,Appreciate, don’t throw awayBaby, we’re pinoy this way!Say my prayers everyday,Bless to all the elderly,We always say “po” cuzWe’re pinoy this way.
Don’t mean to brag, it’s Philippines,We’re Ricivores, it’s in our genes,Model for Bench, I want to beMy mom said no, and palo’ed me
Our culture’s full of diversity,We’re waving the red, white, yellow, and blueTagalog, Ibanag, KapangpanganAnd Ilolano are my roots.Whether you are in the provincesor in the Capitol Manila, hey-heyYou’ll find we’re all the same deep down inside,Pinoy tayo! and Mabuhey!It’s mabuhay
Think traffic here makes you curse?Well, in Manila it’s worse,But we still show respect baby, we’re pinoy this way I take jeepney cuz it’s fast,Calesa uses no gas,I drive a tricycle, babyI’m pinoy this way
Use a rope to tie the knotTouch the Tarsiers better notBaby, we’re pinoy this wayPlay pusoy to win the pot,Sabong, kawawa naman,So pick the right cock, babyWe’re pinoy this way.
Pretty pinays, and strong pinoysHave dancing feet, a pretty voice,We’re everywhere, the world is ours,We have sarsi drink, NO not sars!With many capabilities, lots like Imelda’s shoe galleries,Just stand up proud and say today,Mabuhay! Yun you’re pinoy this way!
We have white rice on our plate, San miguel beer, balut egg, and chicharon bulaklak, cuz we’re pinoy this wayWe eat vinigar with fruit, use spoon and fork to eat food, we’re saving some for baon, we’re pinoy this way.
We take our sapatos off,And put our chinellas on,But watch the host say, “Waaaggg, put your shoes back on!”Cuz we’re pinoy this wayWhether we’re black, white, or beige,Yes we are orient-made,We come in different looks and coloursWe’re pinoy this way
I can ride a calabaw,Noone can beat Pacquiao,Baby, we’re pinoy this wayCR’s at the megamallDon’t have toilet seat at allVisit the skating rink,Inside the mall you can skate. 
When she turns 16 we do,Catillion and a debut,Oh, and again two years laterWe’re pinoy this wayFrom tinikling with bambooTo videoke with youToday we’re celebrating,Being a pinoy this way
Same DNAWe’re Pinoy this wayLong spanish nameWe’re Pinoy this way

Check out this video here

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