The rumored PSP Go! has been leaked even before the E3. And the UMD is also gone. The new PSP will be also equipped with a bluetooth and this one will be lighter than any PSP.

3.8-inch display (resolution is undisclosed)
43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000
16GB of Flash storage
Bluetooth built-in; supports handset tethering and BT headsets
No UMD drive
Memory Stick Micro slot
New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and new Metal Gear Solid (!) on the way
Full PlayStation Network support (movie and TV rentals / purchases)
Integration with PlayStation 3 (works the same as the PSP-3000 does)
Sony views each of its products as “10-year lifecycle products,” so the PSP “needs to live on.

Too bad its not a PSP Phone

Picture and source VIA engadget


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