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Samsung showcases 12.4-inch rollable OLED panel

At the highly anticipated Display Week trade show in Los Angeles, Samsung showcased its latest innovation—a 12.4-inch rollable OLED panel. While rollable concepts are not entirely new, Samsung’s latest creation stands out from the competition as the largest rollable panel to date.

Image Source: Samsung Display Newsroom
A Step Forward in Display Technology
Image Source: Samsung Display Newsroom

Samsung’s rollable OLED panel offers a glimpse into the future of flexible displays. Unlike previous iterations, this panel rolls up neatly into a compact scroll, making it highly versatile and portable. This impressive feat demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of display technology and offering users a new level of convenience and flexibility in their devices.

Image Source: Samsung Display Newsroom
Introducing the Flex-In-and-Out OLED Panel

In addition to the rollable OLED panel, Samsung introduced another breakthrough display technology—the Flex In & Out OLED panel. Unlike existing flexible OLEDs that can only bend in one direction, this innovative panel can bend in both directions, opening up new possibilities for device design and user experiences. Samsung’s Galaxy Flip4 and Fold4 smartphones have already showcased the potential of flexible displays, and the Flex In & Out OLED panel takes this technology to the next level.

Image Source: Samsung Display Newsroom
Integrated Fingerprint Reader and Heart Rate Sensor

Samsung continues to push the envelope with its display advancements. The company unveiled the world’s first OLED panel with an integrated fingerprint reader and heart rate sensor. Unlike conventional implementations that require a dedicated sensor area, Samsung’s solution allows users to unlock their devices by simply touching anywhere on the screen surface. By embedding a light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) directly into the panel, Samsung has created a seamless and secure unlocking experience. Moreover, this cutting-edge technology can also monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels by tracking the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels.

As Samsung continues to innovate, consumers can look forward to future devices that offer greater flexibility and functionality.

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Source: Samsung Display Newsroom

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