Games are the best way to kill our boredom and here is an addictive game that can really kill your boredom and your social life.  Shark Dash was made by Gameloft who is already known when it comes to mobile games. Yep, Gameloft made some very addicting games including Gangstar, Asphalt series and Dungeon Hunter. Anyway, Shark Dash is a puzzling physics game in where you control a shark (there are different sharks in the game with different features)

The game is somehow similar to Angry birds but like what I’ve said earlier, you’ll use sharky to eat those pesky rubber ducks who got Mrs. Shark in where Mr. And Mrs. Shark are enjoying their peaceful swim at the tub. Anyway, we’re not after the story of the two shark lovers but we’re after the game.
Basically, the goal of the game is to eat all those ducks who kidnapped Mrs. Shark and made Shark’s life miserable. Aside from those rubber ducks, there are also coins that isn’t required to get but they’ll help you buy some upgrades and elixirs that are very helpful in the game but if you run out of coins, you can buy a lot of coins via real money.
There are also some items in the tub that will make the game more challenging like the sponge, a block of soap, bombs and many more. Those items has different functions and uses in the game. Actually, even the tub can also be used to bounce off in the tub. The more the items in the tub, the more the fun but of course, it will just make the level harder
Everytime you finish a game, there are these 3 stars. Basically, you’ll collect these stars to unlock the next level. So yeah, it is very essential to get all those 3 stars. So how can I get a perfect 3 stars? Well in order to get all those stars you need to collect all the coins, eat all those rubber duckies and beat the stage with a certain number of moves. There are also limited moves allowed in a tub so if you exceed the limited moves in the tub, Mr. Shark will automatically be flushed out of the tub. Oh and if you, got out of the tub or if you got stuck out of the water, the game will automatically end.
Just like any other game, the levels became more difficult as you move further in the game. But if you feel that you can’t finish the game, you can use the skip level but it will just consume your coins.  Oh and if you want to get back to your last move, you can also do that but again, it will consume more of your coins.
All in all, I really like the game. I’m not addicted to it but it’s a great and cute game from Gameloft that can eat your idle time. I also believed that this game is even more challenging than the Angry Birds. The graphics were cute and the game is overloaded with strategy and fun. If you want to get one, it is now available at the Play store for 41 pesos only. Download the game at this link. Must have game? — YES!
Disclosure: Gameloft provided me a full version of Shark Dash for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to review.

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