Yesterday I post about a PS1 Emulator For Windows Mobile. Today, I will share you about the starcraft in Windows Mobile. Yes, starcraft in your pocket.

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Here is a video of Starcraft being played on a Samsung Omnia II. Obviously, you need to have a touch screen phone in order to play this thing.

Pocket Starcraft requires you to have a phone with this specifications

Operating System: WM 5.0/WM 6.0/WM 6.1
Screen resolution: VGA, WVGA, qVGA, WqVGA, SqVGA
RAM: 64 MB
Free space on your memory card: 150 MB

Too bad, I don’t have a cellphone which is equipped with Windows Mobile. But if you want to download it right now, just click this link. You may check out their site here which is already translated to english from russian (thanks to google translate) and if you’re having some difficulties in installing Pocket Starcraft you may check it out here. By the way, don’t forget to read the rules. The original site is at

Have fun playing Pocket Starcraft guys 😀

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