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Sun Cellular is now LTE-Ready!

Sun Cellular subscribers may now enjoy LTE network speeds thanks to its upgraded network. With this upgrade, you may now enjoy LTE speeds so you won’t have any problems when downloading files on your email or even watching movies on YouTube, Netflix, or Iflix.

With this upgrade, everything that you do is much faster with LTE and for Sun Cellular users, it’s a big step forward as you can download and stream files and videos a lot faster than 3G.

“Powered by Sun’s newest and fastest LTE network and our new data offer, our customers can now go online 24/7 and enjoy more ways to connect with family and friends, get their daily dose of digital content, and access productivity tools online, making for a leveled-up mobile experience,” added Choa.

If you are a current Sun Cellular Prepaid and Postpaid offerings, you’ll be able to exchange your 3G sim for an LTE-ready Sun Cellular Sim card for free at any Sun Shop nationwide. But if you want, you can buy an LTE-ready Sim for only Php35.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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