Skyscrapers at night are great subjects to shoot at night. You can see the tall buildings and the beauty of Urban Junge when you’re shooting at night. But this also mean that you’re shooting at low light conditions, which is a challenge to most smartphones but thankfully, there’s a smartphone with superb imaging capabilities, the vivo V25 series.

With the vivo V25 Pro’s Super Night Algorithms, you surely won’t miss any highlights and details at night events and with its camera, you can capture the beauty and wonder of the night. The RAW HDR 3.0 Algortithm has incorporated in this feature will restore the highlights, colors, and the brightness so you can have subjects that glows and that can stand out in the dark even if it’s on night time with sky full of stars or the capital’s skyline.

Complimenting to that algorithm us vivo’s real-time Extreme Night Vision feature that lets you preview how bright the image is in real-time. Using this feature, you’ll be surprised on how clear your night shots are even if you’re in an ill-lit setting.  This feature also gives you the liberty to adjust the exposure and the brightness during preview mode.

To document and to take a video of the sundown, there’s the vivo V25 Pro’s Super Night Video feature which is perfect for reducing noises and brightening night events. This feature is perfect to capture night scenarios. You can also use the Bokeh Portrait Video to add a cinematic feel to your videos and highlight to your objects.

The vivo V25 series also comes with Hybrid Image Stabilization with EIS and OIS camera module that can boost the clarity of your video outputs and it allows you to shoot cinematic vlogs smoothly. The device can also shoot video HDR to give you a better and brighter videos.

The vivo V25 series Multi Style Portrait also offers a wide array of filters to present your personality. Combined with that is the additional built-in camera features such as Face Beauty, Tone Adjustment, and Motion Blur, you’ll surely create powerful shots that showcase and highlight your great sense of style and creativity even during nighttime.

To complete your style, the vivo V25 Series also supports the industry-leading
Photochromic 2.0 Technology that allows the device to change into aesthetic colors when it
catches the sunlight or UV light. The Fluorite AG glass material on the back cover sparkles at different angles, like stars in the night sky, adding an exceptional touch to everyday life.
With all the countless stories and memories to capture from sunup to sundown, you definitely want your phone to work efficiently and hold bigger spaces for moments you want to recall.

The vivo V25 Pro will take your mobile experience to a new level as it supports high-speed 12GB +8GB extended RAM and 256GB ROM, reducing energy consumption and providing more memory space. Its whopping 66W Flash Charge can also charge your device to 40% in 15 minutes, 71% in 30 minutes, and 100% in just an hour, allowing you to document more spectacular night scenes.

The vivo V25 series is perfect for taking photographs and shooting vlogs in dim conditions and you can look forward on shooting sunsets and night activities with brighter and clearer images and videos.

The vivo V25 Pro is priced at Php 29,999 while the vivo V25 and vivo V25e are priced at Php23,999 and Php17,999 respectively. Filipino consumers cna now purchase the vivo V25 series via vivo’s official website, Shopee, Lazada and all vivo stores and kiosks nationwide.


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