Audio-Technica WS-33x is probably one of the headphones for its budget. If you’re looking for a perfect combination of style and performance then you might want to look at this baby. I really love using this headphones, I almost use it everyday because of its good performance, You know what, just check out my review.

When it comes to design, I like its combination of black plastic body and the shiny Audio-Technica logo. Don’t get me wrong, despite having a plastic build, the Audio-Technica WS33x is pretty sturdy and it doesn’t feel that it will break anytime. Its adjustable headband slider is also made up of plastic but I wish it is metal to make it more sturdy and solid.

The earpads on the 40mm drivers of the Audio-Technica WS33x is not the most comfortable of all but it is acceptable for me. Although, I wished that the headphones had a more comfortable earpads. You could also swivel the cans but only to sides, which makes it less portable when it is in pouches and bags.

The sound quality of this headphone was very good. It’s actually awesome. The lows were very noticeable and it was awesome for its price. I tried different songs with a very deep bass and I was very happy with it. The mids and the highs of the headphones are great too. I didn’t expect that the headphones would have an audio quality like this.

This is one of my most favorite headphones that I’ve tried. If you’re looking for a headphone at this price range then better get this one, this headphone is really worth its price. The Audio-Technica WS-33x is now available for Php3,499.00.


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