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Cherry Mobile Life Review

Before, affordable Android devices didn’t performed that well and most of those devices can’t play some games but today, being an affordable device doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the power to run demanding apps and games. I’ve been using this device for weeks now and I can say that the Cherry Mobile Life is one of those devices that perform really well despite having an affordable price. Why don’t you check out my review after the break?

The Cherry Mobile feels like any other affordable android phones around. The build quality of Cherry Mobile phones have improve over the years and I believe that the Cherry Mobile Life is quite solid for its price but this phone definitely doesn’t have the same build quality of its bigger and meaner Android smartphone brothers. The design of this phone is very simple and common but that makes the phone feel less flawed and solid.

The curvy back of the Cherry Mobile Life is very noticeable and thanks to the large power buttons and the very curvy back, the Cherry Mobile Life feels very comfortable to hold and use. The Cherry Mobile Life feels solid and there’s no hollow feeling at the back despite having a plastic build. The one that I got is the white one and the back looks like it is made up of pearl. The dimensions of the phone feels just right and the weight of the phone is not that heavy too.

The display size is just right for its price. 4” might be too small for many and playing games on the phone isn’t really ideal especially if that’s a game like Grand Theft Auto. Nonetheless, the WVGA display looks good and the colors were just right. The bezels wasn’t thick nor thin, holding the phone feels just right. The viewing angles were good too. However, the sunlight legibility didn’t fared well.

Inside the Cherry Mobile Life is a dual-core MTK6582 processor with a 512 MB RAM. Despite having a Dual-core processor, the smartphone performs really well although I experienced some lags and slowdowns sometimes. The 512 MB RAM is quite small for some but remember, this phone is priced below P4,000 so don’t expect too much from it. There’s a 4GB Internal storage too so

The battery is only rated at 1500mAh but it performed above my expectations, the Cherry Mobile Life was able to rake in a day of average use. Mostly use for calling and texting and a little bit of browsing and gaming. If you love playing games and you always turn on your 3G all the time, I doubt that the phone would last half a day. Better get a Powerbank or always bring your charger if you’re that type of person. The sound quality of the Cherry Mobile Life was already acceptable. Not the greatest that I’ve heard on a smartphone but it isn’t bad for its price.

The Cherry Mobile is running on Android 4.2.2 . It isn’t the latest version but if you’re the type of person who just want to play casual games, text and call then you probably won’t care about the latest update of Android. There are not that much apps that are pre-installed on the phone which is quite good. I strongly suggest that you put your media files on the MicroSD card because the 4 GB internal storage with only a few left for consumption. You can root the phone to maximize it more but remember, THAT WOULD VOID THE WARRANTY OF THE PHONE.

There’s a 512 MB RAM and a Dual-Core MTK6582 processor inside which was really amazing. And no, don’t get me wrong here guys. The performance wasn’t able to beat the MTK6592 which is the current quad-core offering of Mediatek which can be found on most local branded smartphones of 2013. On games, I was shocked that it performed really well. On Real Boxing, the Cherry Mobile Life was ab;e to play it smoothly however, there were some lags and slowdowns on transitions on menu. I still have no idea why that happened.

When playing games, the phone didn’t really had a heat issue. Yes, the phone was getting warmer but it didn’t get to the point in where the phone was really hot. Just like what I’ve said, the processor inside it perform really well and I wasn’t surprised that the Cherry Mobile Life got an Antutu score of 10847.

The camera of the Cherry Mobile Life didn’t fared well on my review. The camera of the Cherry Mobile Life was able to shot images fast but the 5 Megapixel shooter produces a lot of noise and the colors of the images that I took wasn’t really that accurate. Overall, the camera of the phone wasn’t that good. Why don’t you judge the photos for yourselves?

The Cherry Mobile Life isn’t really the best smartphone that you could get in the market but the price of the phone is really attractive and affordable. If you are near this price range or below P4,000, this is one of the best phones that you could have. But if you have more than that, you opt for a Cherry Mobile Flare 2x or Flare S which are better.

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Jam Ancheta
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