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Google and YouTube Bolster Efforts to Combat Misinformation in the Philippines

Google and YouTube are ramping up their efforts to combat misinformation in the Philippines, a country that currently leads the world in Google searches for “fake news” and “misinformation” in 2023. This indicates a growing interest among Filipinos in understanding these crucial issues.

Mervin Wenke, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Google Philippines, emphasized the importance of access to reliable information and content. He highlighted the need to empower media, creators, and fact-checkers worldwide in providing accurate information to online users.

To achieve this goal, Google and YouTube have introduced various tools and strategies, including the “About This Result” feature in Google Search. Now available in Filipino, the feature offers additional context for search results, allowing users to better understand the source of the information.

To maintain a responsible online environment, YouTube enforces Community Guidelines as a code of conduct for users, with penalties for violations. Google also offers fact-checking training and workshops for journalists worldwide, having trained over 177,500 individuals across the Asia Pacific region alone.

On YouTube, a Breaking News shelf has been implemented to provide quick access to authoritative news sources during significant events. Additionally, Information Panels are available for topics prone to misinformation, offering third-party sources to ensure accuracy.

Supporting fact-checking organizations, Google and YouTube provide grants to strengthen these efforts, including a $13.2 million grant to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) for launching the Global Fact-Check Fund. The fund is open for applications from IFCN’s 135 fact-checking organizations across 65 countries until May 15, 2023.

Apart from these initiatives, Google and YouTube are committed to helping media and creators deliver quality content and journalism, even in new popular formats such as short videos. This reflects the tech giants’ ongoing dedication to ensuring that accurate and trustworthy information remains accessible to users worldwide.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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