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iPad now comes in 128 GB

So you want to replace your laptop with a brand new, sparkling and shiny iPad? If you are not opting for an iPad just because of the low storage then worry no more because the new iPad 128 GB is here! Yep, a brand new iPad 128 GB is coming to empty out your pockets filled with kachings kachings $$$. I still wonder why Apple can’t wait for the refresh of the iPad before upgrading the memory. Not to mention, the entry level Macbook Air is still at 64 GB. But of course, the iPad doesn’t have a 128 GB in real life. They’ll trim a little bit of that big storage. Want to know the price of the 128 GB? Check it out after the break.

The iPad 128 GB is priced at $799 and $929 for the Wi-Fi version and the cellular version respectively which is quite pricey. It isn’t available yet in the Philippines but when it arrives here, my guess estimate is at P38,000 and P44,000. If you are the type of guy who loves to install a lot of apps and if you are a movie junkie then I recommend you to buy this one. It is expected to arrive in the US stores this February 5. I don’t why they made a bold move like this. Maybe they just want to increase those dwindling stocks. Oh and if you didn’t know yet, Apple has lose its title of being the most valuable company in the world. Poor Apple.

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Jam Ancheta
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