3 weeks ago my family travelled to the Bicol region and I just saw this little thing inside the car. My cousin owns this one and he said that it was given to him. Sync & Charge lets you charge your iPhone/iPod or anything that can charge via USB. Sync & Charge is connected to the car lighter port.

I haven’t tested that on my i900 Omnia since I lost my USB Cable. Sync & charge is a great companion especially when travelling. Connect it to your iPod then connect your 3.5mm jack from your car to your iPod and voila!. You can listen to your iPod tunes in your car.

iPod mini connected to Sync & charge
iPod USB connected to Sync & Charge
It would be also great for people who uses their iPhone for Navigation since it drains a lot of battery when using GPS. My cousin doesn’t know where we could buy this one. If anyone knows where to buy this one, please leave a comment :D.

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