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5 Reasons Why Infinix NOTE 40 is a Must-Have Gaming Phone for Gamers on a Budget

This series delivers 5G Ultra Fast Gameplay with 7020 chipset and wireless charge under 13k!

Reasons Why Infinix NOTE is a Must Have Gaming Phone for Gamers on a Budget

The Infinix NOTE 40 series is set to hit the Philippine market, creating excitement among Filipino gamers. Priced under Php13,000, this affordable gaming phone offers a plethora of high-end features.

Here’s why the Infinix NOTE 40 5G should be on every gamer’s radar.

Dimensity G Chipset

  1. Impressive Performance with Dimensity 7020 5G Chipset

Under the hood, the Infinix NOTE 40 5G is powered by the Dimensity 7020 5G chipset, designed to deliver ultra-fast gameplay and seamless multitasking. This powerful processor ensures that even the most demanding games run smoothly, providing an immersive and lag-free gaming experience. Whether you’re battling in the latest MLBB matches or running resource-intensive applications, the D7020 5G chipset has got you covered.

  1. Infinix NOTE 40 5G 512+24GB: Massive Storage and Extended RAM

Storage and memory are critical for gamers who need space for large game files and the ability to switch between apps effortlessly. The Infinix NOTE 40 5G comes equipped with up to 24GB of extended RAM and 512GB of internal storage. This combination not only speeds up load times but also provides ample space for all your games, apps, and media.

Ultra fast gaming phone with W FastCharge and W wireless MagCharge under k

  1. Ultra fast gaming phone with 33W FastCharge and 15W wireless MagCharge under 13k

Powering up your device quickly is essential for gamers who don’t want to miss a beat. The Infinix NOTE 40 5G features 33W All-Round FastCharge and 15W Wireless MagCharge, ensuring that your phone is ready to go in no time. With these fast-charging capabilities, you can spend less time tethered to a charger and more time enjoying your favorite games.

Infinix NOTE G Titan Gold

  1. Stunning Design

The Infinix NOTE 40 5G boasts a sleek, curved screen design that enhances your viewing experience, making it perfect for gaming and media consumption. Available in three striking color variants—Titan Gold, Obsidian Black, and Vintage Green—the device looks as good as it performs. The Titan Gold variant, in particular, stands out with its unique and stylish appearance that changes hues depending on the lighting, giving it a premium feel.

  1. Affordable Price, Under 13K

One of the most compelling reasons to consider the Infinix NOTE 40 5G is its competitive pricing. At an SRP of Php12,999, it offers incredible value for its features. During the promo period from May 23 to 25, you can even score it for as low as Php9,999 on TikTok Shop. This affordability makes high-end gaming accessible to a wider audience without compromising on quality or performance.

Infinix x MLBB All Star Collaboration

Bonus: Infinix x MLBB All Star Collaboration

Infinix has partnered with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) for an exclusive collaboration, featuring Esmeralda’s new skin on the box sleeve of the NOTE 40 series. This partnership enhances the device’s appeal for MLBB fans and demonstrates Infinix’s commitment to the gaming community. The collaboration adds a unique touch, making the NOTE 40 Series a must-have for MLBB fans.

As an official sponsor of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines, Infinix’s dedication to supporting the gaming industry is clear. This sponsorship underscores their commitment to providing high-performance devices for gamers.

Infinix NOTE G

Pricing and Availability

The new Infinix NOTE 40 5G will be officially launched on May 21, offering premium-like features at competitive prices.

NOTE 40 (5G)

  • SRP: Php12,999


Special Promo:

  • From May 23 to 25, the NOTE 40 (5G) will be available on TikTok Shop at a promotional price starting at Php9,999.

NOTE 40 (4G)

  • SRP: Php9,499


The Infinix NOTE 40 5G is not just a powerhouse of performance but also an affordable and stylish device that meets the needs of gamers. With its impressive specs, fast charging capabilities, and stunning design, it stands out as a must-have for gamers on a budget.

So, are you excited? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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