OPPO has recently hosted a Tech Insider event for us to witness how OPPO is using their robotics and AI to improve their camera system and also help their R&D in their development of their cameras.

OPPO Imaging Lab ()

Imaging Lab

In their imaging lab, we were able to see how OPPO improves their smartphones. The area that we visited mimics every possible environment and room that we take photos in including fast food chain room, bakery, grocery, living room, and many more. Each rooms have different lighting and colors which is a perfect environment for taking photos. This gives the R&D team of OPPO an easier way to adjust and calibrate their cameras as they can shoot different scenes and environments in their labs.

AI and Robots

OPPO Imaging Lab ()

One of their amazing and innovative tool in there is their robots. These robots are no ordinary one as smartphones are mounted into it and they roam around these different rooms and they’re photos independently. This way, engineers and researchers can focus on developing their camera and they now have a controlled environment in where the robots can take photos which will save hours of their working time.


They even have a robot with a head on it so they can take selfies with their smartphones.

The use of AI and robotics in product development and testing definitely helps in OPPO’s commitment to innovation and quality. By automating processes that require high precision and consistency, OPPO ensures that its products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.


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