The telco competition in the country is getting hotter as NOW Telecom has just launched their 4G LTE service for businesses and homes. Yep, they’ll be offering NOW LTE Business and NOW LTE Home soon which are the company’s LTE Fixed Wireless Services.

They’ll be offering pocket WiFi, outdoor antenna, and indoor router to deliver a broadband connection to businesses and homes. NOW LTE is powered by Telrad networks which is an Israeli-based global provider of LTE telecom solutions to more than 300 4GB deployments in 100 countries. NOW Telco surprisingly offers a 24×7 connection with no data cap.

NOW Telco will be utilizing the prefix number: 0979 and customers will have two options to use their LTE service. The first option is to install an outdoor antenna that has a line of sight to an existing base station owned and operated by NOW Telecom while the second option is to have an indoor router or a pocket WiFi to establish an LTE internet connection.

The service will be available starting early November and it will roll out early November and it will roll out in Makati, Manila, Pasay, Pasig, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Quezon City, and BGC while the company is targeting to start their service in Cebu and Davao this fourth quarter of 2018.


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