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OPPO F9 Hands-on and First Impressions

Recently, OPPO Philippines has launched their newest mid-range smartphone in the country — the OPPO F9.

It’s the successor of the OPPO F7 and some might say that it’s basically an OPPO F7 with a new display, well, you guys are wrong as there are many features that are upgraded on the OPPO F9.

First, let’s go to the design of the smartphone. The OPPO F9 now comes with a gradient color with a diamond pattern. It might not have the best look for some people but for me, I really appreciate the beauty of this smartphone.

The OPPO F9’s sides are round which makes easier to grip despite having a flat back. The smartphone still uses Micro USB port but thankfully, there’s VOOC flash charging now which is a feature that I’ve been always criticizing before and then beside it is the headphone jack.

There’s a 6.3-inch display too with a small notch at the top and they call it as the waterdrop display. The display of the smartphone is actually really bright and really vivid and it’s probably one of my favorite display on a mid-range smartphone. Unfortunately, OPPO hasn’t ditched the chin below the display of the smartphone

The back is almost similar to the OPPO F7 but again, we now have a gradient color and a pattern. It also houses the fingerprint scanner but in case you’re not a fan of that, the face unlock will do just fine and also the dual rear camera of the smartphone.

Speaking of camera, we’re pretty happy with the results that we got from the OPPO F9 so far. We haven’t shot that much using the OPPO F9 but the smartphone can shoot really fast and then there’s the portrait mode now that has a pretty good bokeh and it’s really an upgrade from the OPPO F7.

Specs-wise, I’m happy that OPPO has decided that the smartphone has a 6GB of RAM however, it’s still using an Helio P60 processor inside.

So there you have it, that’s the hands-on of the OPPO F9 so be sure to go back for the in-depth review of the OPPO F9. The OPPO F9 is now available for pre-order for Php17,990.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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