PUBG Lite was announced today by PUBG Corp. and yes, this one is different from the current PC version of PUBG and PUBG M and PUBG M Lite which are available on mobile devices. PUBG Lite is aimed for people who have a low-end PC as the game will require a really low requirements.

The details are scarce regarding the game but the pre-registration for beta is now open in Thailand and there’s no word regarding pre-registration for beta in the Philippines.

What we know is that PUBG Lite is formerly known as Project Thai. You can actually search in YouTube about PUBG Project Thai and it shows different gameplay videos of PUBG Lite showing lower graphics compared to the original PUBG

Now the question is, how will they differentiate PUBG to PUBG Lite and what will PUBG Corp. do to PUBG Mobile players playing on emulators on PC. I know, the game is redundant and confusing.

We’ve checked the FAQ section of the game and it is confirmed that the game will be FREE however, it is not cross platform. It means that you can’t play with players on PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile.

We reached out to PUBG Corp. however they’ve not shared any details regarding the game as of this posting.



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