Resident Evil 2 which was originally released in PSX two decades ago (Yep, 20 years ago because we’re old) will now get a remake. The Resident Evil 2 Remake will now feature a third-person over the shoulder view which was seen on games like Resident Evil 2 Revelations and yes, you’ll still be able to play both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield at Raccoon City that we all miss.

Recently, Capcom has also released a gameplay demo of the remake and damn, it does look really good and really terrifying. The gameplay video also showed most of the elements in the original game but are now in a better graphics. Not only that, the game is also a darker environment that relies on a flashlight for visual and damn, the zombies on the game do look terrifying than ever. Check out the gameplay demo by Gamespot below.



  1. Resident Evil 2 na ginawang RE 4, ok lang naman sa akin. i loved RE 4. Sana lahat ng RE gawin na lang nilang ganito, 3rd person over the shoulder camera.


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