The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has just been released recently and it packs an Exynos 990 but the chipset got a lot of critics as it lags behind the Snapdragon 865+ in terms of performance and also in efficiency but 2021 might change as the latest Geekbench scores shows that the Samsung Exynos 1000 might have a better performance than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875.

In a Korean forum, Exynos 1000 was tested along with the Snapdragon 875 chipsets and it shows that the single-core and the multi-core score of the Exynos 1000 is higher compared to the Snapdragon 875.

The Exynos 1000 got a score of 1302 points and 4250 points on single-core and multi-core respectively while the Snapdragon 875 got a score on 1159 and 4090 respectively. To add to that, it is also said that these chipsets will rock the ARM Cortex-X1 core which will have a better and higher performance on a single core.

It’s nice to see that the Exynos 1000 is already catching up to the Snapragon 875 but of course, these are just still on test units and we might have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S21 to test out the Exynos 1000 and the Snapdragon 875 chipsets.

Source: GSMArena


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