Acer has recently unveiled four new Predator monitors that comes with OLED and MiniLED panels. It promises to deliver visuals with more accurate colors and of course, amazing features inside as well.

Predator Z57


This 57-inch behemoth isn’t just a monitor; it’s a gaming portal. It features a DUHD (7680×2160) resolution at 120 Hz paints every pixel with precision, while 2304-zone MiniLED backlighting obliterates shadows and cranks up brightness to 1000 nits. The 32:9 aspect ratio and 1000R curvature can also pull you deeper into the game, which will give you a more immersive and more realistic view of your games.

Predator X34 V3


The Predator X34 V3 features a 34-inch panel with UWQHD (3440×1440) resolution that dances at a buttery-smooth 180 Hz refresh rate, while a 1 ms G-to-G response time ensures blur-free action at chaotic FPS games or just a casual day at Palworld. The 1500R curvature and DCI-P3 94% color gamut immerse you in vibrant landscapes, and VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification guarantees jaw-dropping HDR brilliance.

Predator X39 & X34 X

Acer unveils the 39-inch Predator X39 and 34-inch Predator X34 X. These OLED monitors boast mind-blowing contrast ratios, rendering even the subtlest details with laser-sharp clarity. Their UWQHD resolution shines at a blistering 240 Hz refresh rate, backed by a near-instantaneous 0.01 ms pixel response time. Say goodbye to ghosting and lag – every twitch, aim, and pixelated explosion happens in real-time, giving you the ultimate edge in competitive play. The 800R curvature and DCI-P3 99% color gamut further amplify your immersion, while VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black technology reveals secrets lurking in the shadows.

Beyond the Pixels

All four models come equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium for tear-free gameplay, a USB Type-C 90W PD port for powering your devices while you play, and a built-in KVM switch for seamless switching between PCs. Plus, the OLED models are Eyesafe 2.0 certified, protecting your eyes from marathon gaming sessions.


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