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Boompods audio products and accessories launched in the Philippines!

Boompods recently launched here in the Philippines and from its name, you might have a clue of what products they’re selling. If you guess audio products, you got that right. Yep, they’re selling audio products but not just that because they’re also selling other accessories like speakers,  powerbanks & iPhone 6 Plus cases with battery (Yep, with battery)


Boompods offer different audio products depending on your needs. There are headphones and earphones that can fit your lifestyle and needs. If you just want to use headphones with vivid colors and awesome audio quality then checkout the headpods but if you want it wireless, you can either choose between wireless airpods or wireless headpods. With the Wireless headpods, not only you can connect and listen to your device wirelessly but you’ll also be able to control the music player of the device.


Luckily, each of us were given with a Boompods Wireless headpods and I’ve been using it for more than a week now and I’m really impressed with its minimalistic design and awesome performance. For a bluetooth headphone, the performance of the wireless headpods is pretty good. The bass on R&B and hip-hop songs were really pounding and the high still doesn’t get left out.


If you want to get a Boompods Wireless Headpods too then head over to and check out all the products that they have at Lazada.


Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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