Apple has finally unveiled the iOS 16 and it will bring a lot of new features including a brand new lockscreen customizations, updated messages, new CarPlay, and more.

Lockscreen customization might not be a new thing on other smartphones, but Apple has refined their own lockscreen and this time you can have customizable fonts for the time, change its colors, add complications, and add some live activities which lets you have live widgets on the lockscreen and gives you live updates instead of flooding you with updates.

They’ve also updated the messages app and they finally let you edit messages and unsend messages on iMessage. This is a cool feature that is already present on other messaging apps. This will help you have clear messaging and conversations with friends. They’ve also updated the dictation which lets you use the keyboard and dictation simultaneously.

They’ve also brought better live text in video and even quick actions to live text. You can also do quick cutouts and drag them to messages to send them to your friends which is cool. They’ve also updated the parental controls on iOS and the CarPlay that got a big rehaul with more features including control and info and even gauge of your car. Here are the major updates made for the iOS 16:



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