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iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024 Lineup Rumored for May Release

Apple’s highly anticipated 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air models are rumored to be launching in early May, according to the latest reports from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The upcoming releases are expected to bring significant upgrades and revive the company’s tablet sales, which have seen a decline in recent years.

The new iPad Pro tablets are expected to have OLED displays. This will bring not only a better display but also a thinner body. The iPad Pro models will also be powered by Apple’s latest M3 chip, the same ones on the latest Macs.

Additionally, new versions of the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil are anticipated as well with the Apple Pencil featuring more capabilities while the Magic Keyboard will now have a laptop-like experience.

On the other hand, the iPad Air lineup is expected to undergo a significant change. For the first time, the iPad Air will be offered in two sizes. Consumers will have the option to choose between the traditional 10.9″ size and a larger 12.9-inch model, providing a more affordable alternative to the high-end iPad Pro.

The new iPad Air models will also receive a processor upgrade. Apple’s decision to release the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in May is said to be the result of ongoing software development efforts. The company has been “working to finish software” for these devices, which could account for the slight delay from the initial planned release by the end of March.

Source: Bloomberg

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