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Macbook Pro 2016 Prince in the Philippines

Apple has just unveiled the all-new Macbook Pro last week and as expected, these Macbook Pros now sports USB Type-C and they ditched all of the ports except for that one. Also, the selected Macbook Pros now features a Touch Bar that lets you have a touch control on different applications.


For example, you can use the Touch Bar for Final Cut Pro X for additional controls and on Safari, you can have different shortcuts, and on Messaging app, you can use the touch bar for the emojis. Unfortunately, this touch bar has replaced the function keys and also the ESC key.


The Macbook Pro still comes in two variants but unfortunately, the prices of the Macbook Pro have gone up and also, the Touch Bar and Touch ID can only be found on the P99,990 13-inch Macbook Pro and up.


13-inch Macbook Pro Philippine Prices

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