In case you didn’t know. Nokia headed by Stephen Elop back then, has sold its mobile phone division to Microsoft a few years ago. That’s why the presence of Nokia here in the country isn’t really visible compared to the Nokia a decade ago which was hailed as the king of phones back then. Yes, they’re still alive and well in Finland and they’re doing telecommunications business now and not smartphones anymore.


Recently in an interview with German publication Manager Magazin, Rajeev Suri is looking at going back to the mobile phone industry. If you can still remember, Nokia has licensed Foxconn to make the Android-powered Nokia N1 tablet. Basically, Foxconn made the hardware but it comes with a Nokia branding. Why are they doing that? Because they’ve a deal with Microsoft that they cannot make phones until next year.


I’m actually interested with this one because their first Android tablet, the Nokia N1, had a pretty good sales and the critical reception was pretty good. However, don’t expect that there will be a new smartphone soon licensed by Nokia because they’re still restricted from using the Nokia brand on a smartphone until late next year.


Source: Manager Magazin


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