PayMaya is now empowering the gaming community as the company is now supporting The Nationals, the country’s first and only franchised-based esports league.  This will be the league’s official digital payments partner and the esports athletes are given their own PayMaya account in where they’ll be able to use their account to receive their winnings which allows them to live cashless lifestyle even after the game.

Mobile gamers will also be happy to know that Paymaya users will be able to enjoy cashless experience and also a 10% discount when they buy Mobile Legends gaming pins at the in-app shop and you may get 100% cashback when you spend at least Php100.

Personally, I’ve been using my PayMaya card for different cases including buying games on Steam and even on the Play Store for apps and games. The cashless experience was really helpful for me as I can control my purchases and also purchase anywhere and anytime.


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