Foldable smartphones are really expensive right now but according to Max Weinbach, we might see a more affordable foldable smartphone from Samsung very soon with the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite. Basically, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Fold but with some changes in the hardware inside.

According to Max, The Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite will come in 4G with a smaller 256GB internal storage and it will come with mixed parts from 2018-2020. Aside from that, the smartphone will come with an updated Snapdragon 865 processor with no 5G support and the display will not have the ultra-thin glass like the Galaxy Z Flip. The smartphone will come in Mirror Black, and Mirror Purple too and it will be built on Aluminum and glass on the outside. The price is expected to be $1099 according to Max.


Ross Young of DSCC has backed Max’s claims and he says that the smartphone brand will announce the Galaxy Fold Special Edition soon in July with a starting price of $1099. The smartphone will also be limited to 55,000 units worldwide just to give way for clearing out the inventory for the Galaxy Fold 1.

This is actually good as the rumored pricing for this one is almost $900 cheaper than the starting price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.


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