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Samsung Gear Fit2 Review



Getting fit these days is really hard especially when you’re not tracking the activities that you do but thankfully, there are a lot of fitness trackers in the market now that helps you to stay fit and be more healthy and Samsung’s Gear Fit2 is their latest wearable that helps you become more fit and healthy.



The Gear Fit2 packs a rubber band with a sporty look which looks better especially if you’re on the athletic side. The bands can be interchangeable and you can buy one from Samsung store. Compared to the first generation, this one is bigger. However, I really had a hard time with its band as this one sometimes pop off from my wrist. But hey, they’re still fashionable and really sporty.


This one also has a curved display and whether you have a small or large wrists, I believe that this one feels and looks just right for you. Compared to the previous Galaxy Fit, this one has a bigger and wider display that can show more information on the display. Speaking of the display, there are different watchfaces that are available for the Gear Fit 2.



The Gear Fit2 is a really good fitness tracker as this one can track different activities such as running, hiking, cycling, exercise bike, treadmill, squats, and much more. Oh and the best thing about this? You don’t have to set the Gear Fit2 when you’re running as this one can determine that you are running already. And yes, the Gear Fit 2 is really accurate when it comes to tracking.


The Gear Fit2 also reminds you that you should stand up if you’ve been seating for too long. The device also lets you record the glasses of water that you’ve drink and also the glasses of coffee that you drink for the day.


A single charge of the Samsung Gear Fit2 lets you have up to 3 days of battery life. However, if you’re always on the go, you’ll have to bring the charger dock with you.  But hey, I think the battery life of the Gear Fit2 is really impressive.


To connect the Gear Fit2 to your smartphone, you’ll have to download the Gear App and also the plugin that lets you connect the Gear Fit2. The app lets you customize your watch and also its settings. And yes, you’ll have to turn on the Bluetooth of the smartphone in order to connect the Gear Fit 2 to the smartphone.gear-fit2-12


The Gear Fi 2 is a good fitness tracker and it can really compete with other fitness trackers that are out there such as Fitbit and Jawbone. But this one offers a beautiful curve display, offers more features and it tracks more accurately. The Samsung did a pretty good job for the Gear Fit 2.

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