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SKK Mobile V2 Review


SKK Mobile have been aggressively lately in their smartphones. Last year, they’ve unveiled one of the most affordable Octa-core smartphone in the market, the SKK Mobile Phoenix X1 and now, they’ve recently introduced the SKK Mobile V2, an affordable smartphone that packs a lot of cool features.




When you’ve seen the renders of the SKK Mobile V2, the first thing that will come to your mind is the LG G2. The design is very similar to the LG G2 and it even copied the rear power and volume button of LG’s flagship smartphone last year however, this one has a smaller dimensions which makes the SKK Mobile V2 even easier to hold and thanks to its build, the phone is very ergonomic to use.


Just like the LG G2, it is made up of plastic and you can feel how glossy the plastic on the SKK Mobile V2 but this one is solid just like the LG G2. I didn’t experience and squeaks and there are no small openings on the body of the smartphone.


Unlike the LG G2, you can open the back cover of this smartphone and you can replace the battery and you could also see the Micro Sim and Mini Sim card slot at the back. Another cool addition on the SKK Mobile V2 is the heart rate sensor, which is placed at the flash of the smartphone and surprisingly, it can record your heart rate faster than those on Samsung and Android wear devices.




The SKK Mobile V2 got a 5.0-inch qHD display. It isn’t the best display but it’s quite good for its price range. What I like in this smartphone is the thin bezels and its colors. The resolution of the display might be small but the color reproduction of the phone is good. However, you might not like the small resolution and the outdoor visibility of the display.




This interface of the SKK Mobile V2 combines the UI of LG and of Samsung. Yep, at the lockscreen of this smartphone, you’ll see the very similar lockscreen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 but the icons and the UI on the apps of the smartphone looks very similar to that of the LG G2.


Not only that, the SKK Mobile V2 also sports a double to tap to wake which is a very convenient feature if you don’t want to use the power button of the SKK Mobile V2. Other unique features that you can see in this smartphone are compass and heart rate sensor.


The SKK Mobile V2 packs a Quad-Core MT6582 processor and 1GB of RAM. That hardware is considered to be at the entry-level range in today’s standards. There’s an 8GB of Internal storage too which is expandable thanks to the MicroSD card slot inside.


Speaking of games, I was able to run games like Asphalt 8, Grand Theft Auto, and Chaos Rings II however, don’t expect to play GTA:SA at the highest settings.




The SKK Mobile V2 got an 8-Megapixel Rear camera and for its price, the smartphone got a decent camera. At well-lit environment, the smartphone performed pretty well but at low-light conditions, I wasn’t impressed with it.


Battery Life


The SKK Mobile V2 packs a 2500mAh battery and it provides a battery life that is pretty well. I was able to use the smartphone for a day however, I always bring my charger or powerbank with me.




For me, the Heart rate sensor of the phone a little bit gimmick-y but its LG G2-like body is one of the strongest selling points of the smartphone. I love the buttons that were placed at the back because it is more ergonomic than placing it on the sides.


The SKK Mobile V2 is now available for PhP4,999.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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  1. Ang ganda ng style nya! Pati mga designs sa apps niya, ASTIG! At mukhang matibay pa! Pero ang kakaiba lang sa kanya, maliban sa maganda ang specs niya ay nadidisappoint lang po ako sa back cam niya 🙁 ang labo po 🙁 pero sa front cam malinaw…. sana maayos po ang quality ng back cam… we support SKK Mobile! God bless your company!


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